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ReadASCII files At the present moment you can find an MS Excel macro to Read ASCII files. I use it (and wrote it) especially for reading in and formatting my contact numbers from Lotus Organizer but it's a general purpose tool. It's quite versatile and useful so check it out. FREE download Read ASCII.
In the Utilities menu you can also find a program to convert QIF files into TAB delimited text files.
Around The World Trip
There's some interesting information about trips and travel and also a highlight of my adventures around the world (including my visit to The Lord Of The Rings' Middle Earth) and my latest scouting of the old continent.
Last, but not least, on the leisure side, you can find a free space strategy game.
In FarStar you can conquer the galaxy.

I'll also publish whatever information I can gather on what London has to offer for your free time. I'll try to get as much free stuff as I can but I'll display paying events as well, as long as they're interesting.

All this and more so don't miss any page...

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