In this section you will find a summary of all the latest changes to this website.


Wednsday 30th of March 2011
Removed WebSitesDB from menu and link to page.

Monday 27th of April 2010
Added a comic strip to the Humour section.

Sunday 3rd of February 2008
Added: a review in the Art Section and a comic strip to the Humour section.

Friday 18th of January 2008
Closed down WebSites Database and opened CuPSEn.com

Friday 12th of October 2007
Added: a review in the Art Section.

Wednesday 3rd of October 2007
Added a comic strips to the Humour section.

Thursday 27th of September 2007
Added: a review in the Art Section.

Sunday 2th of September 2007
Added: a review in the Art Section.

Sunday 8th of July 2007
Added: a review in the Art Section.

Wednesday 9th of May 2007
Added the Tags field to the Sites table in WebSites DB.
You can now add extra key words for more comprehensive searches.

Thursday 3rd of May 2007
Added a easier search option in WebSites DB.
Now, whatever you type will be searched in most database fields making it quicker to find what you're looking for.

Monday 30th of April 2007
Added: a review in the Art Section, an article on Tuna in the Environment page and a UFO sighting in Guernsey in the Paranormal section.

Sunday 29th of April 2007
Added a couple of comic strips to the Humour section.

Sunday 1st of April 2007
Moved the Humour section under the Spare Time menu.

Tuesday 27th of March 2007
Can it be REALLY true? I do hope so! Check out what a wonderful dream for nature could be in this new article on the Environment.

Saturday 24th of March 2007
Added two articles related to the Environment and a new Humour section.

Sunday 18th of March 2007
Updated the preferences for the Public Search.
You can now choose to display the Search Results in the same window or open up a new one.

Sunday 25th of February 2007
Complete overhaul of the Websites DB interface.
Two new art reviews.

Saturday 20th of January 2007
Two new Art Reviews in the Spare Time section.

Sunday 12th of November 2006
Apart from some changes in the look of the website, I've added a couple of articles in the Spiritual section.
This is part of the long term plan of adding stuff that I've been collecting for quite some time so keep looking...

Sunday 22nd of October 2006
There is now a way to show your appreciation for this site by making a Donation from the Help page.

Wednesday 4th of October 2006
In the search window now you can find two lists of websites address.
One containing the last ten sites updated in WebSites DB and the other one containing the ten sites with the highest rating.
Major improvement, now you can search also by description.
Moreover, you don't need to enter and jolly characters anymore, i.e. %, to look for a partial content. Just enter, for example, 'fli' and you'll get all sites containing, among others, 'flight' in the description.

Sunday 24th of September 2006
I've introduced a public search in WebSites Database.
To perform a search now, finally, you don't need to log in anymore. When you hit the search button a new window opens up with the results.
The 'personal' entries won't be displayed here, of course, and neither will the User drop down box. If you want to see those you still need to log in.

  Monday 28th of August 2006
I've renamed almost all .HTM pages to .ASP so if you've got some broken links it's probably due to server caching. Try refreshing the page or go directly through the main page. If you still get an error please report it to me.
  I've recently added two menus:  
  Spare Time with some art reviews and something very unique...  
  Misc (ellaneous) with news regarding the environment, health and more...  
  There is also a new utility to convert QIF files (exported from MS Money) into TAB delimited text files, therefore readable by your spreadsheet.  
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